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Harmony is tangible. In the cool blade of grass beneath your bare feet. Audible. In the buzzing of the bees amongst the colourful flowers. It is perceptible – in the air, the atmosphere, the people...

Honey massages

The purifying, metabolism-stimulating and relaxing effect of honey on the skin. The 'honey massage' has its origins in Tibet and Russia.

This massage involves letting the power of honey take its healing effect via the skin and has an instantly detoxifying effect on the body.

Using pumping hand movements, the honey massage draws out toxins from deep within the body's tissues.
The honey massage revives the whole organism and is primarily suitable for people suffering from states of exhaustion and weakness as a result of stress, age or illness, for those experiencing strain, nervous disorders and anxiety, as well as being able to soothe pain.

Thanks to its purifying effect, the honey massage cleanses the body from toxins that have built up over the years as a result of environmental pollution, bad nutrition and medicines.

The honey massage restores the body's natural capacity to detoxify itself.

The honey massage improves the circulation as well as boosting the immune system and having a revitalising effect. It promotes general relaxation and the ability to face daily life and the stresses associated with it with renewed vigour.

Of the many types of massage available today, the honey massage is one of the best known and popular.

40-to-60-minute Wellbeing Honey Massage

40.00 to 50.00 euros

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