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The soft, mossy forest floor is springy beneath your sturdy hiking boots. The sun twinkles through the canopy of leaves, feeding wild plants with light. And where the thicket ends, there are unencumbered views of mighty mountains...

Find out how the garden of the Dolomites grows while out hiking

Dotted with flowers, lush green or displaying the colours of autumn, the mountain landscape radiates its light against the blue of the sky. Impressive rock faces stretch upwards – the Dolomites. They are waiting to be discovered. By all those on holiday in Toblach – Dobbiaco, the heart of the Dolomites.

The surroundings of Apartments Eden are a paradise for keen hikers and courageous conquerors of mountain peaks all year round. 129 hiking tours are to be found in the area around Toblach – Dobbiaco, with something for every level of difficulty, from hiking from pasture to pasture or scaling the challenging heights. For tips, pointers and stimulation, the hosts are Apartments Eden are the ones to go to: keen hikers themselves, they've hiked around and experienced lots of the local area.

And here are three hiking suggestions. Partly impressive, partly educational, partly challenging.

The mighty three

No mountain in the Dolomites says Toblach – Dobbiaco as much as the Drei Zinnen. Words cannot describe their majesty, they simply have to be seen. This may be done as a one-day excursion or as a circular walk from mountain refuge to refuge. Challenging or leisurely, anyone staying in the Toblach – Dobbiaco area has to go up there – at least to the foot of the Drei Zinnen. The peak is reserved for experienced climbers.

An educational walk around the lake

A lake dividing two nature parks. Toblacher See lake lies exactly between Drei Zinnen Nature Park and Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park. There is an informative educational path which may be done in around 2 hours featuring lots of interesting facts about nature displayed at 11 interactive information points. It leads through sparse woodland, along the banks of the lake and into a marshy area of the kind quite rare in the Alpine area. Finding out about wild plants and animals, testing practical knowledge in a playful manner and maybe even observing some seldomly-glimpsed birds...a nature-based adventure for children, and for adults, too!

Toblach Höhenweg High Altitude Path

Let's head upwards! Or maybe lengthways? Having a good level of fitness is recommended for doing the Toblacher Höhenweg high altitude path. In numbers, this means 9 hours of hiking and gaining 1,500 metres in altitude. But the exertion is more than made up for by the legendary views stretching into the distance, picturesque landscape and fresh mountain scents. The 26-kilometre-long path begins in Silvestertal Valley, leading onto steep pastures, across open mountainous terrain and through flowering meadows up to 2,545 m above sea level – to the Marchkinkele mountain peak – and then back down again. For the ambitious, mountain junkies and the average hiker with stamina! A stop at the Bonnerhütte provides rest and refreshment: with its far-reaching views and delicious fare, this refuge set at 2,430 m above sea level magics up some welcome respite for weary walkers.

Anyone wishing to hike around the mountains near Toblach – Dobbiaco on their own initiative can take a step outside Haus Eden and find themselves in the midst of nature, meadows and woodland. With 129 hiking paths, you'll be spoilt for choice!

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